Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Exposition of My Independent Novel

            My novel is Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. The exposition of my novel is about a girl named Bella. Her mother is sending her to a place called Forks. She is being sent with her father Charlie. As she goes to school  she meets pretty cool friends. She starts to fit in until one day she meets Edward. One day Bella asked Charlie if she could have a car. She gets a car but a red and old truck for a cheap price. On another day Bella was walking out of school and suddenly a big van comes crashing toward Bella and Edward comes in and pushed the van away protecting Bella at the same time. Although Bella hit her head really hard. Next thing she knows shes in a hospital and her friends are waiting wanting to know how she was holding up.

             Edward is there waiting for Bella to know if she was ok. Bella follows him through the hall and he gets annoyed that shes following him. they have a discussion about how did he not get hurt or how does he not have a single scratch. She finishes the conversation and Charlie takes her home and tells Bella that he called her mom about the accident. The next thing she knows it she is dreaming about Edward.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wild Animal Captivity is In-Humane

In our society we have fun zoos, exhibits, and marine shows. What we see on the outside of what these animals think, is nothing compared to what they truly think. We  humans see animals doing better in captivity, however, they aren’t. Animals are often beaten, not given healthy diets, and treated so poorly that their lifespan is much shorter than a free wild animal. This immense cruelty leads to mental issues and health issues. Our world has no idea about the stories of some animals, but now we have the chance to prove how this is very inhumane. Stopping animal abuse can have a significant impact in our world.

While visiting zoos, have you ever noticed an animal pacing back and forth? This is a clear sign of mental illness. Studies have shown that 48% of lions kept in zoos pace around their cage because they are starting to experience mental illness and behavioral issues and 40% of lion cubs die in zoos right before first month of birth, to name only a few difficulties. Yet another time that captivity has had a negative effect on animals is the time that a gorilla, suffering from a mental illness, jumped over an electric fence, got shocked, and meanwhile, policemen were only waiting to shoot the gorilla. The gorilla dropped dead ("10 Facts about Zoos."). Another species that often goes through are chimps. They rock back and forth in their habitat and suffer from symptomatic illness. In our world there are 40 zoos that have chimps suffer from mental illness such as: chimps poking at his or her own skin, eyes, and other body parts. Chimps even start to bang themselves against their cages, pacing around, pulling their own hair, and drinking their own urine ("Zoo Chimps' Mental Health Affected by Captivity”).   
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("Laboratory Primate Newsletter.")

This chart shows the mental behavior of chimps in zoos mental behavior over time.

A lot of the time, animals are always given the blame when tragedies happen to humans. When incidents happen where humans die or get injured, the animal involved gets shunned and looked down on. Once, a Siberian Tiger escaped a zoo because of its mental illness and anxieties because of little space he lived in. As a result, this tiger injured two people and caused one death. You can’t blame the animals, we to blame. We don’t respect their diets. We put them in small spaces. We treat them as things without feelings ("Zoos: Pitiful Prisons.").

When animals are in captivity they suffer from cruelty, mental issues, and health issues, as seen in the statistics that were included earlier. Health issues are a very common problem in animals because they shorten their lifespans. In the United Kingdom, 54% of elephants have had health issues due to captivity. Zoos don’t put enough safety for the animals when it comes to people throwing food in their cages. There isn't enough safety which can greatly impact an animal’s diet. Some zoos are sometimes careless with what they put in the animal’s cage. A strong example of how the regulations zoos have aren’t enough, is the two polar bears who died due to something being put in their cage that affected their body and clearly wasn’t healthy for them (“10 Facts about Zoos."). So kids, hold on to your food for now on. People think, “Oh one chip won’t affect this animal’s diet”! Well, it can! Feeding wild animals
This is a table that shows an example of ages of three animals in captivity.   ("Liger - The Hybrid Crossbreeding of Lion & Tigress.")
can greatly affect their diet. Feeding animals the bad diets can lead to physical disorders. Wild animals in captivity are supposed to get a wide variety of food but zoos only provide a quarter of their actual diet. A test was conducted to see how animals would do on their diet- 23 out of 76 animals had neurological disorders because of the diets that were given in zoos. ("10 Cruelty Facts on Animals Used for Entertainment.)
As you can see, diets and health are the most important thing to an animal's survival and chance to thrive.

Most animals suffer due to their enclosure and a non natural habitat. Most animals can’t survive without being with their own species. Animals in captivity can’t thrive and could result to death. Circuses are one of the most cruel places for animals to be in captivity due to the stunts the animals go through. For example, tigers jumping through fire hoops. Those stunts can result to a tiger or any animal on fire, scratched, or even killed. Animal races is something that can prevent an animal’s natural behavior. For example, in horse races, horses are injected with serum that will make the horse run faster. If the horse loses the race they will be punished. Being in captivity can quickly traumatize them.

Another popular activity is bullfighting, even though it is a big cruel thing. People don’t realize what really happens to bulls after the fight and during the fight. During and before the fight bulls get tight straps and spurs, a piece of equipment used during bullfights and has a spike wheel that is put on a riders boot or any shoe. This is what makes bulls angry and crazy behavior. If a bull loses the fight then the horns are removed off the bull and the bull suffers more than before or most likely will die. Elephant and horse rides are not healthy for the animal because they are given bad diets. The animals who give the rides get abraded skin due to bad fitting equipment. Elephants that give rides get sore legs and feet are hardly be able to walk ("10 Facts about Zoos.").

Do you enjoy circuses? Well you might wanna re-think going to your next visit to the circus. Animals in traveling circuses get beaten and injured doing crazy stunts. Trainers beat their animals because the animal are disobedient. 95.5% of the general public want to free all animals from captivity. 63% of MPs, member of Parliament or military policeman, want this banned. Zoos provide less space than needed for animals to live properly (“Last Chance for Animals”).

As you can see these animals go through a lot in captivity. We still don’t understand what these animals go through and how there’s no law saying no animals aren’t allowed to be in captivity. We should realize that animals should not be on display, but animals should be free. People still treat these animals as they’re worthless. Animals were not created to be thrown into cages, they were meant to be wild and roaming around their natural habitat. Can this the last chance for wild animals?

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Lora the Historian !!!

      Lora is a fine lady who has light personality, she has grey and white hair, her eyes are blue, and
she is 66 years old. She also a great friend/neighbor and is also cheerful. She has a great memory of the past. When I called about the interview when I could to interview her she told me I could come over that same day. We sat in her kitchen talking about how our day was and afterward we started the interview.

     Q: How was it like when you were a kid?

     A:" It was a lot different than how it is now but, moms would stay home to watch their kids".  "Dads would be working but, very few moms worked". Back then there was never day care after school and kids couldn't do anything unless homework was done. Afterwards Lora would play in the neighborhood and everyone would know each other so it was safe to go out and play with all the other kids in the neighborhood. In the 21st century its different from Lora's time. Now parents want to meet other parents to play with their children and children would need more adult supper vision to play outside.

   Q: Did you enjoy it?

   A: Lora responded that she did enjoy her childhood . She would play red light, green light, and even Hide and Go Seek. Even games that we may not be playing in the present like Mother May Eye or Doge ball. the activities would be more activity more than just maybe or possibly baseball.

    Q: How was technology?

    A: "TV was rare and I would watch it once in a while". Telephone and party line but telephones we have today are very different from the ones back then. Party lines aren't used anymore. Telephone poles weren't like the ones we have today but telephone poles were complicated . It would be one short wire to the next house then a short wire to the next house and it goes on and on. There were never computers back then it was just type writers.

   Q: How was college back then was it as advanced as the ones we have now?

    A: "There was junior college". The colleges weren't as advanced but Lora wanted to be a secretary but this job isn't heard as much anymore. But Lora studied  for 2 years to be a secretary. Secretaries used short hand a lot."Short hand was like scribbles so that it helped people write or type faster. For example:before turns to b4". That also helped take notes.Computers were not invented when short hand was around. English classes were to learn to write letters instead of learning what we regularly learn.

  Q: What was your life time dream?

   A: Lora's dream was to get married and have children. That is what all women wished for as a dream.Women didn't think of being doctors or a construction worker. Women used to think of just wanting to be a mother or flight attendants. The dreams of women weren't that as how us women take our dreams now but women take their dreams to a higher level.

   Lora's past was very different from our present but she knew so much and described a lot of things she was like a historian. I was able to imagine how it must have been like back then all the children playing in the neighborhood and everyone knowing each other it looked great! Now in the present things have changed a lot but if I could choose any time period I would wanna live I'd choose Lora's.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Gassy Nurse

           For the blogs I've been going my approach. Back with August I forgot on a blog to methinks the nurse that helped deliver August. She was a gassy one and a little snappy at Augusts mom. While she was waiting to give birth to August the nurse waited too with his mom. The nurse was gassy and farting the whole time we'll almost. If I found out that the nurse that helped reliever me was gassy I would feel bad for my parents because you can't really leave the delivery room and being stuck in there with a gasified room is nasty. Then it again it would be funny about the nurse being all gassed up. I wonder if that nurse went on with her gassy life?

Monday, April 13, 2015

Back On Track But a Touchy One

                   Now from last few blogs I introduced characters and read what August has been going through but now its time to talk about one of the most embarrassing things that happened to August. Theres a game called cheese touch that apparently August has. People put the cheese touch onAugust so now people rant touching him or talking to him as usual. But Summer is being normal around August like a real friend. People only gave to him because they think he's ugly but look at the facts at least he has a friend that doesn't care if he has the cheese touch or not. I would hate to have the cheese touch people always avoiding me and not making contact shaking hands and that kind of stuff. Going back about Will is just not trust worthy. I've had the same experience it still happens but I'm just glad I have two best friends Alex and Hannah. I wonder, why was the cheese touch called the cheese touch?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Daisy Comes More Into Play

           Daisy is a companion of August she's been for all the rough times august has had. When Casey started to play with and be around with August there is a story about Daisy. Daisy was adopted as a puppy a cute golden lab who is always happy and playful. She was August's best friend in fact she is the only friend of August. Daisy was August's best companion and best friend. Daisy is an incredible dog. I love Daisy in this book she is one my favorite dogs out all books. I wonder if Daisy understands whats going on with August?

Thursday, March 19, 2015

August Happy Birthday Buddy!!

         We resume back to August and its his Birthday! August wishes that he was born at 10:10 but oh well he is born the time he was born. August decides to throw a Birthday party and wants to invite some people from school. He decides to have the party at his local bowling ally. The day of his party and Birthday everyone's parents call in to tell August's mom that they cant make it. Thats a bummer  for August but at least he had Summer. I cant believe what these kids are doing telling their parents to call in they cant go is so not nice. August was just trying to make lots of friends but instead what he got was just a party with just one person that is a huge bummer. I wonder why people are so inconsiderate?